Max And Kona , May 13, 2019

Wonderful service! Perry goes above and beyond.

harley werstuik , May 10, 2019

Awesome shop! Fits me in every time even when they’re swamped. Perry came in after hours on the weekend to have my vehicle back in a timely manner. Excellent trouble shooting and mechanical ability to fix any issues pertaining to air conditioning. Thank you air doctor !

Chris Siddaway , August 11, 2018

The guys at Air Doctor were all amazing. I was pleased to find a place that provided free basic assessment and quote for the work. They were very good about laying out the required work, the options, and how much it would cost. Very honest and reasonable prices.

Malcolm Hett , June 21, 2018

I have brought three different vehicles here over the last couple years, the last one being just yesterday. All vehicles were repaired same day and have not had an issue since. This is the only shop to go to for A/C work and they set a great example of how a small business should be run. I feel good supporting this shop and would %100 recommend them to anyone.

Mike Singleton , June 14, 2018

Had an air conditioner issue in my daughter's car. Took it to a regular mechanic shop. They did not fix but did charge me. Came here, got a diagnosis and a fix. Owner and staff very knowledgeable ,honest and friendly. Something you don't alway get in business these days. Highly recommend Wish more people in business were like these guys. Thanks so much

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