Kelly Dust , November 22, 2018

I first came to Healthpoint because I purchased a groupon for microderm abrasion. I have in addition to that done the 3D facelift, and laser hair removal (legs, underarms and bikini). Look out as smooth healthy skin is highly addictive!! The hair removal treatment is quick, and for the most part painless ( what I felt I would classify as irritating). So yes, I would highly reccomend this place. These guys know their stuff, and they're the real deal. The equipment and treatment rooms are clean and welcoming. If you're looking for real, beautiful results give them a call.

cathyrus , October 19, 2018

Thanks Tara! The sun damage that I have accumulated over many years of outdoor activities has proven very hard to treat. I am glad that Tara and Scott have been attentive to my concerns and addressed them with me. I have tried therapies at other clinics in Kelowna and was not happy with the results and felt it was a waste of my time and money. I am grateful that Tara has taken extra time to work with me and adjust the treatments to suit my, difficult treat, skin type. I have purchased a few products from their skin care line and am very happy with the quality. A little goes a long way. The lotion… oh the lotion… so good… I have a scar over my eye that appears when my skin is dry. No longer a problem, very happy!

firebirdzzz100 , July 31, 2018

Smoker for 30+ years got the laser treatment one visit done went in for a free follow up a week later just cause I could haven't had a drag or anything for 2 weeks and 100% guarantee I will never have even so much as have a drag ,no desire what so ever. Scott is a professional and very easy to talk to and be honest with thanks Scott for making so easy!

Wendy Cavan , May 11, 2018

I was a little bit skeptical about laser treatment after speaking to a doctor a few years ago about it; he wasn't sure it would work for me. I had problems after having chemo in 2007 with a frozen feeling and pain in my feet. After going to Disneyland in May 2017 where I could barely stand on my feet and the pain was almost unbearable from walking around for the day I realized I didn't want to continue like this. Then I spoke to Scott about his laser treatments and was very impressed, he is very knowledgeable and explained everything. I decided I needed to try it and am extremely happy with my results. Scott is very caring and dedicated to what he does. I also had a skin treatment with Tara and was surprised at how quickly I got results. Just getting to know them is worth it. They are good people! I would highly recommend Health Point to anyone!

Darcie Powell , May 01, 2018

I call Tara my skin fairy. She is absolutely incredible. I love my time spent in her chair. I have received two Venus viva treatments and an IPL from her and have seen really great results. I have past acne scars and large pores and have seen a lot of improvement with these treatments. Patience is key with the Venus treatment - as great results take time and a lot of this is brewing from the inside out. Tara is incredibly knowledgeable about everything skin - and you will leave her chair in awe of all the things she has shared with you. I cant wait to see her again - she is someone I want to and will see regularly for my skin xo

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