Lavish Landscapes , April 10, 2019

Great service good staff happy to by local, will be coming back to by a second trailer.

Graeme Burke , March 19, 2019

Workfleets Kelowna is awesome with great customer service, Darryl is great to work with and helped me out a few times, Thanks

Ralph Christian , February 25, 2019

Darryl is very knowledgable about trailers. He is sure to find the right trailer for your needs. He asks pertinent questions to fit your needs. What is your trailer going to haul? Where will you be using your trailer? What vehicle will you use? Who will be using your trailer? How long are you planning to keep it? What options will you need? People buy from people they trust. You can trust Darryl.

Leif Scott , February 14, 2019

Darryl and his son Ryan installed a cargo bulk head and shelving unit in my Ford Transit. They were quick with the install and did a very professional job. Not only that but after chatting with them for a while, they are great people, friendly and knowledgeable with a great sense of community. Workfleets is definitely the first place I will go when I need the services or equipment they provide. Highly recommended!!!

Art Bosma , January 11, 2019

Good selection of trailers and Darryl and John are great to deal with. Would recommend to anyone!

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