Murray A , January 25, 2019

Ryan and the crew did another great job on our vehicles ! Two years ago we had Ryan detail our 74 Z28 after it emerged from an automotive cocoon after 15 years. It looked amazing inside and out after he was done with it, so much so that we keep getting asked if we had it repainted. He earned his money on that one making the 35 year old paint shine again ! Recently we just had the rest of our family vehicles done and they came out looking like new again as well. Great job and great prices.

Dan Purcha , December 13, 2018

Fantastic work. They some how made my 2006 car look like it just came off the dealership, that’s how clean it was.

Doug Dyer , July 24, 2018

Diamond shine treated me great and did an amazing job on our truck would recommend going and checking them out and for pricing was fair ! Thanks guys !

Henry , July 16, 2018

Ryan did a great job cleaning the interior of my truck. I would definitely recommend his services to others. Well done.

Stephen Latchford , June 26, 2018

Man some people are really envious of your work...i remember the condition of the brand new Audi a8 s line ...remeber that...?? I most certainly looked like it came off the showroom floor...and all the buttons worked again..that was a bonus...ignore the haters and focus on the other 99.9 % of customers that don't spread garbage.....keep on keeping on Ryan and team

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